Developing theIron Point Vanadium Projectin Nevada

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Victory Metals is advancing the Iron Point Vanadium Project towards resource estimation and PEA.

Iron Point is located in Nevada and represents a large prospective vanadium target, with a strike length of 4.5km and widths in excess of 700m.

Iron Point

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Vanadium is a strategic metal, critical to steel industry and as a battery metal.

Supply constraint and increasing demand led to vanadium prices recently exceeding $25/lb, which now appear to be stabilizing in the $17.50/lb range, up 350% in the past two years*.

100% ownership of a primary Vanadium project.

Drilling by Newmont in 1966 and Aur Resources in the 1990’s targeting gold intersected significant intervals of vanadium mineralization at shallow depths.

Recent trench results (August 2018) included 0.86% V2O5 over 29 meters.

*Price of vanadium refers to 98% V2O5 flake price.

Proven Capital Markets and Mining team led by Executive Chairman Paul Matysek

84 million shares issued and outstanding with over 75% held by Insiders, Casino Gold & Founders - no warrants, $5 million working capital

Tier 1 Jurisdiction, Fraser Institute Ranking #3

Exceptional Infrastructure – close to roads, rail, electricity and the mining community of Winnemucca

Ongoing 8,400 meter, 73 hole drill program for resource definition and metallurgical testing

Why Vanadium?

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Vanadium has been the best performing commodity of the last two years. In fact, it is up over 236% since the beginning of 2017. The main driver for this has been new rebar standards set in place in China following the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, which claimed 68,000 lives. Nearly all the deaths were attributed to inadequate rebar standards. As such, China mandated a minimum amount of vanadium to be included in all future rebar construction, as vanadium acts an inexpensive and effective strengthener in producing high tensile strength steel rebar.

Chinese steelmakers must add 36 grams of vanadium to 1,000 tons of rebar steel. That still falls short of 73 g/t in Europe and 95 g/t in the United States, according to Metal Bulletin. Vanadium is a small market with annual production of 75,000-80,000 tons. Adding 0.5% vanadium to steel doubles its strength, and that is where 85% of vanadium goes. At this point, known above ground stockpiles have dwindled and the price of vanadium has been on the rise.

Currently, China produces 60% of the world's vanadium, with South Africa (11%) and Russia (11%) coming in a distant second and third. Roughly half of Chinese production (or about 30% of global supply) used to be destined for export to Europe, Asia, and North America. The export quantity is fast disappearing as there is now little vanadium left in China for rebar blending after domestic vanadium consumption. Further exacerbating the issue, there is currently ZERO vanadium production in the United States.

Executive Order 13817, signed on December 20, 2017, lists Vanadium as one of 35 critical metals to the USA.

Vanadium is also becoming an integral part of the electrification movement. Vanadium redox batteries are well suited for large scale, grid storage applications for solar and wind farms. They are being installed at breakneck speed in China and are likely to overtake Elon Musk's lithium ion battery for large scale applications. Ask any commodity investor on what metals have been the most lucrative to inves t in over the past three years and they will almost all point to the battery metals - lithium and cobalt. Vanadium is quickly gaining traction as the third participant in the boom. As an example, legendary mining investor Robert Friedland, is investing heavily in vanadium flow batteries through his Beijing based investment firm Pu Neng.